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01 Dec 2023

SPF responds to Glasgow City Centre Strategy

Read our response to the Glasgow City Council's consultation on the City Centre Strategy. 

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27 Oct 2023

SPF Comments on the Landlord and Tenant Engagement Questionnaire on Rented Sector Reform

This documents is intended to provide additional context and comments to some of the questions outlined in the Scottish governments recent survey on rented sector reform and rent controls.  

26 Oct 2023

SPF Response to Mandatory Training for Elected Members Consultation

Read our response which supports mandatory training for elected members before they can approve planning applications. 

24 Oct 2023

SPF response to Building Warrant fees consultation

SPF submitted response Building Warrant fees consultation, we widely support the changes but we have highlighted that the change in fees should be translated in improved services and need for a transparent system to account for increase in fees.

16 Oct 2023

SPF submitted response to EPC reform consultation

SPF responded to the EPC reform consultation which proposes the change in the EPC metrics, including fabric rating, cost rating and heating systems to be considered while evaluating the new EPCs. We widely support these proposal, we appealed to align the proposal for EPC reform with existing infrastructure for instance with the boiler system age. We support the move away from the pdf form to more accessible API energy passports. requiring historical data to be updated in order to feed into the SAP and get more accurate rating for the buildings. Read the full response here.

10 Oct 2023

SPF Response to Towards West Edinburgh 2050

SPF submits comments on Towards West Edinburgh 2050 consultation which set outs the city's vision as to how West Edinburgh will expand over time.
15 Sep 2023

SPF response to Visitor Levy Bill Consultation

SPF submits comments on the Visitor Levy Bill consultation which is proposing to give local authorities the ability to charge a fee on paid overnight commercial accommodation.

13 Sep 2023

SPF response Effective Community Engagement in LDPs consultation response

SPF response Effective Community Engagement in LDPs consultation response.

23 Aug 2023

SPF response to PDR phase 3

16 Aug 2023

SPF Response toThe Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (Green Freeports Relief) (Scotland) Order 2023

SPF Response to call for Comments on The Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (Green Freeports Relief) (Scotland) Order 2023 by the Scottish Parliament’s Finance and Public Administration Committee.

01 Aug 2023

SPF Response to CERG draft proposal for greening commercial buildings in Scotland

As a part of the wider Heat in Building regulations, planned for 2025. SPF is engaging directly with the lead officials involved in non-domestic/commercial regulations and helping CERG (Climate Emergency Response Group) formulate proposals for ‘Greening Commercial Buildings’. We formulated membership response to CERG's draft proposal.

19 Jul 2023

SPF response to Local Living and 20 Minute Neighbourhood: planning guidance consultation

SPF response to Local Living and 20 Minute Neighbourhood planning guidance consultation