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19 Dec 2023

SPF Annual Review 2023

Our Annual Review 2023 looks at some of our highlights from the past year including our key campaigns, events, engagements and BPF Futures network. 

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07 Aug 2023

The Future of Scotland's Residential Rental Market report 2023

This report aims to provide the context in which the rent control policies are being formulated and informs on analysis of many expert commentators on the growing imbalance of supply and demand in the Scottish private rented sector (PRS). We highlight the impact of this imbalance on people and consider the trends leading to the present state of the market. We underline the vital importance of increasing the supply of properties available to let. And, we illustrate the perspectives of investors crucial to achieving this step change in new supply in Scotland. We examine how the need for a new form of rental offer in Scotland is an opportunity for policy makers to shape our future places, and provide new choice and quality in the housing market.

06 Jun 2023

Research on emerging market trends in Scottish economy by University of Glasgow

This report presents insights from a survey taken from end of 2022 by University of Glasgow to understand and assess the opinions of the Scottish Property Federation members. These cover emerging market trends across the major sectors in Scotland. Forty-eight members participated in the survey covering 125 separate sectors responses with expertise across the office, retail, logistics & industrial, leisure and residential sectors etc.

17 Apr 2023

Assessment of Scotland's Rent Freeze and Impacts

Assessment of Scotland's Rent Freeze and Impacts released by The Scottish Property Federation in association with researchers Rettie & Co, shows that the system of rent control introduced under the Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) Act will disrupt the future supply of new homes for rent. The research focuses on the Scottish Government’s ‘Rent Freeze’ and its impacts, particularly on the Build-to-Rent (BtR) sector. The study involved a series of linked research methods including an evidence review, a literature review and primary research with institutional investors.

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21 Dec 2022

SPF 2022 Snapshot

Our 2022 Snapshot looks at some of our highlights from 2022 including our key campaigns and flagship events. 

03 Oct 2022 Residential

Letter to First Minister on Cost of Living Bill

A letter from Stephen Lewis, Chair of the Scottish Property Federation, to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP on the Scottish Government's plans to introduce a rent freeze and moratorium on evictions via emergency legislation. The letter highlights the stark impact of the proposals on supply and future investment into Scotland's rented sector.

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30 May 2022

SPF Annual Conference 2022 - Programme

Programme from the SPF Annual Conference 2022: Invest in Opportunity.

08 May 2022 Covid-19

SPF Briefing on Coronavirus (Recovery & Reform) (Scotland) Bill - Stage 1

It is our firm view that the introduction of the proposals in Part 4 of the Coronavirus (Recovery & Reform) (Scotland) Bill is premature, does not take account of the wider Private Rented Sector, and pre-empts the outcome of a future Bill that may be introduced to Parliament at a later date.

11 Feb 2022 Tax and Finance

SPF comments on the Scottish Government’s Non-domestic Rates (Coronavirus) Bill Stage 1 scrutiny

SPF comments on the Scottish Government’s Non-domestic Rates (Coronavirus) Bill Stage 1 scrutiny.  This submission responds to a parliamentary call for views.

07 Feb 2022 Covid-19 | Tax and Finance

SPF comments on Non-domestic Rates (Coronavirus) Bill Financial memorandum

SPF comments on the Scottish Government’s Non-domestic Rates (Coronavirus) Bill Financial memorandum. This submission responds to a parliamentary call for views.

10 Sep 2021 Covid-19 | Tax and Finance

Programme for Government 2021-22

A briefing paper detailing the key announcements for the Scottish property industry from the 2021-22 Programme for Government.

15 Jun 2021 Covid-19 | Leasing and Commercial

SPF views on the potential extension of the Scottish Coronavirus Acts

The SPF is concerned that our well-respected property legal system could be undermined, which could create a barrier to investment. It is therefore critical that any extensions of the provisions in the Coronavirus Acts that create an unbalanced relationship between landlords and tenants are not continued for any longer than necessary.