We have committees covering a range of issues and industry sectors. Each committee is comprised of representatives from SPF members and usually meets three times a year. We also run a number of working groups covering specific issues.  

Scroll down for the list of committees and groups, the SPF team member who looks after each one and a brief overview of the issues they are covering. Many of our committees are very popular and may have a waiting list to join. However, most committees also welcome associate members who can sign up through MySPF to receive papers, minutes and invitations to get involved in some of the committee’s work without attending the meetings.  

We have a goal to achieve a minimum 30% female representation on all committees, in line with our Diversity and Inclusivity Policy. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the relevant member of the SPF team. 

Commercial Real Estate

Chair: Alan Cook
Secretariat: David Melhuish Full details  

Planning and Development

Chair: Maria Francké
Secretariat: David Melhuish Full details  

Policy Committee

Chair: Stuart Oag
Secretariat: David Melhuish Full details  

Property Tax

Chair: Isobel d’Inverno
Secretariat: David Melhuish Full details  

Residential Investment Management

Chair: David Fraser
Secretariat: David Melhuish Full details  

Sustainability and Building Design

Chair: Alan Stark
Secretariat: David Melhuish Full details  

Working Groups

The SPF establishes working groups designed to consider and inform our representations on specific issues or areas of industry interest. See our current working groups below.

Business Rates

Chair: Niall Rankin
Secretariat: David Melhuish

Edinburgh Developer Forum

Secretariat: Gail Hume

Regional Forums

Our regional forums bring together members in the Scottish regions to meet some of our key stakeholders, to provide updates on SPF’s work and to allow our members all around the country to feed into our work so it represents the breadth of views from across the SPF membership. For more information or to register your interest in our regional forums, please contact David Melhuish.


Edinburgh City Region